Sunday, August 21, 2016

About Heather Stark

Specialist in Domestic Violence - Autor- public speaker - President  of HEALEverywhere - health care reporter radio- freelance writer and  photographer

Heather Stark, MPA, has worked in the area of gendered violence for more than 15 years.  She earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration with a focus on Domestic Violence from the University of Colorado, Denver, and is currently working on her dissertation as a PhD candidate in Organizational Psychology.  Her dissertation research is a relational study between women who have experienced domestic abuse and those who have not and the relationship between the two groups and job success. Her plans are to apply this to the DV field.  

Her book, Why Doesn’t She Just Leave: A New Perspective on Domestic Violence,” is available through Amazon as well as numerous independent booksellers.  She is currently working on her next book about women’s experiences in court and custody cases when abuse is a factor.  Heather is a frequent public speaker about Intimate Partner Abuse, and has been a speaker at numerous organizations including Seattle University School of Law, American Probation and Parole Association, Journalism and Women Symposium, as well as police and community organizations. 

She is president and founding board member of HEALEverywhere, an organization which helps survivors of abuse regain their personal power.  HEALE started the DV Doggy program, placing service dogs with survivors who have PTSD. Heather's book, “Why Doesn’t She Just Leave?” about women trying to escape abusive relationships was featured in Voice Male Magazine and used in several universities.  Her next book, Why Doesn’t She Just Take Him to Court,” is in process. 

She has been a Seattle broadcaster for fifteen years, starting as a health care reporter radio, then moving to traffic and news reports, DJ for smooth jazz station, as well as   HealthTalkRadio interviewing professionals on a variety of health issues for podcast and webcast nationally.  Her weekly podcast broadcast, “3 Women 3 Ways,” explores topics involving relationships, aggression, domestic violence and related issues.  Guests have included Terry O’Neil, president of NOW national, Barry Goldstein, prominent writer, teacher and former attorney in the areas of domestic abuse, and Phyllis, a woman who spent 12 years in prison for murdering her abuser.   

Heather is also a freelance writer and photographer and her work has been in several local publications.

Also, she grew up in the Midwest where she earned a BS in journalism from Kent State University and attended the MBA program at Case Western Reserve University, then moved to the Seattle area where she has lived since.

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  1. Hi Heather .my name is Patricia Mitchell . I am a child advocate This past winter I believe it was you who interviewed Maralee McLean & myself topic was corruption in family & cps courts ... there was a women who also was being interviewed she was visiting Colorado Springs at the time..not sure if she was an attorney.. but she advocated for mothers who were target by either Court due to a disability which the State took their child because of their disability .... to use the federal Disability act to get their children back ..I have a mother that is in this situation.. please forward me the name of the woman who was advocating this act in custody cases .. and also the name of the organization that she is from ... many thanks patricia. 917 279 9546